Requirements for initial certification include the following:

·        Be a member in good standing with the International Union of Operating Engineers.

·        Have no less than 500 hours of documented Signalperson/Rigger experience and/or training in previous five (5) years.

·        Meet the definition of a Competent Person as described in §29 CFR 1926.1401.

·        Pass written examinations (signalperson candidates must pass the signalperson written examination; rigger candidates must pass the rigger written examination).

·        Pass practical examination(s).


The OECP Certification Coordinator is responsible for determining an applicant’s conformity to the program’s published eligibility requirements. Appeals from rejected applicants should be directed to the OECP Board of Directors at the address listed on page 6 of the OECP Signalperson/Rigger Candidate Manual. The Board of Directors will make the final decision on any issue of eligibility determination.

Please read the entire Candidate Manual for further information.