The following reference sources were used to verify the accuracy of the examination questions.  These references can be purchased from the organizations listed below.  Some may also be available through respective IUOE local union training organizations.  Candidates should contact their appropriate union training representative to determine availability.

Description: ASME


ASME B30.2-2011
Overhead and Gantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge, Single or Multiple Girder, Top Running Trolley Hoist)

ASME B30.3-2009

Construction Tower Cranes

ASME B30.4-2010

Portal, Tower, and Pedestal Cranes

ASME B30.5-2011

Mobile and Locomotive Cranes

ASME B30.23-2011

Personnel Lifting Systems


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

22 Law Drive, Box 2900

Fairfield, NJ 07007

Tel: (800) 843-2763

Description: IPT

IPT's Crane and Rigging Training Manual


IPT Publishing and Training, Ltd.

P.O. Box 9590

Edmonton, Alberta

T6E 5X2 Canada

Tel: (780) 962-4548




Description: Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario


Mobile Craning Today


Contact: Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario

Tel: (613) 543-2911



Description: Crane Institute of America


Mobile Cranes



Contact: Crane Institute of America, Inc.

Tel: (800) 832-2726



Description: OSHA


29 CFR 1910.147; The Control of Hazardous Energy (lockout/tag out)

29 CFR1910.179; Overhead & Gantry Cranes

29 CFR 1910.180; Crawler, Locomotive & Truck Crane

29 CFR 1926.251; Rigging Equipment for Material Handling

29 CFR 1926.1400-1442; Crane & Derricks in Construction


Occupational Safety and Health Administration

U.S. Department of Labor